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Watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Movie


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is an upcoming 2013 American fantasy-adventure film based on the Rick Riordan novel of the same name. It is a sequel to the 2010 film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and continues the adventures of Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) and his friends, as they search for the Golden Fleece at the titular Sea of Monsters to save an ailing magical tree that protects their home from foes. The film is scheduled to be released on August 7, 2013, and will be converted to 3D in post-production.

Percy Jackson, the son of the Greek god Poseidon embarks on a journey with his friends to retrieve the Golden Fleece to save their training ground, Camp Half-Blood. They must travel to the Sea of Monsters, and find the challenges that may await them.

Five official stills were released on March 21, 2013 The first trailer was released on March 29 before showings of The Host. On April 2, the trailer for the film was uploaded on YouTube. A teaser poster was released on April 16. The release of the film was changed on April 5, moving it to August 7, 2013. A second trailer was released on May 29, 2013. A third international trailer was released on the June 25, 2013, on YouTube. Since the 19 July 2013 three TV spots have been released known as “Story”, “Cast” and “Family”. A scene was released on the internet on the July 23, 2013 where it was later uploaded onto YouTube. The movie received negative reviews; in film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes it holds so far a 22% rating based on 9 reviews, with an average score of 4.5/10. On Metacritic, which assigns a normalised rating out of 100 based on reviews from critics, the film has a score of 30 (citing “generally unfavorable reviews”) based on 4 reviews.